Build your website with a CMS framework like Joomla or WordPress

Every website should start with a good foundation, meeting the web standards needed for today’s marketing place and information center.

Website design begins with your message and goals and the good content developed especially for the project. Around those efforts a layout is created to support your goal, sell your offerings, or compel others to your call to action.

How I develop your website

Your website development starts with an open source CMS framework, like Joomlal, created by a network of highly skilled programmers and information technologists. I work within this network to insure your website is developed with some of the best software available. I also use WordPress as a blogging component and as a CMS when needed for the project.

What is a CMS?

A Content Management System (CMS) keeps track of all your content, much like a library, and enables you with powerful tools to maintain your website content, your most important online asset.

With a CMS you may simply need to manage a few personal web pages or you may need to manage a website with complex user interactions. Joomla is extensible and allows for installable components or customized applications.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO is needed to insure you will be found by people searching on the internet for the type of offering you provide or for the message you want to broadcast. It is important to keep pace with the SEO landscape so that the work developed for you is optimized for search engines.

This work may range from laying out your content within a new website design, to helping your build email campaigns, to integrating your message into strategies for social media.